A World Away Indie Music Festival 2019

With the hope of transcending culture and ethnicity, Emerging Young Artists has been striving to bring together musicians from different backgrounds and share their one-of-a-kind creativity to the public. We encourage multicultural communication and music fusion across genres. Our intention is to foster ambition, dreams and inspiration.

A World Away is our music brand inspired by collaboration and cultural fusion since 2016. In the past three years, EYA has provided production and a stage for over 40 groups of musicians to showcase their talents.

This year, EYA has taken “A World Away” from one concert to an indie music festival of three nights.

Find 2019’s amazing moments of talents and laughter below:

Drake Underground

  • When the Burlington singer-songwriter Abby J Hall meets Guelph singer-songwriter CJ Cooper, the two girls’ bright voices intertwined.
  • Haf n’haf is a master of wordplay, soulfully & effortlessly. Whereas Renee and Huiming are in charge of the melody flow. Hip-hop vs. jazz, electronic music vs. traditional horns
  • We Are Various is a well-toured post rock band and they are facing challenge from diversely trained singer Arianna Mae. The story-telling vocals complement each other at this very encounter.
  • Session artists: River Guard (bass, mandolin, piano), Daniel Diaz (double bass), Meghan Chamberlain (various percussion instruments)
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Lula Lounge

  • Percussionist of the world, Razak Pirani (Tabla) brings out charm and history from the endearing Indian instrument; Luyos MaryCarl (Moro Kulingtan) carries notes from pre-colonial state of Phillippines; Meghan Chamberlain (found instrument) will give you one of the most unique and unexpected journey.
  • Where the map begins richly with Ensemble Topaz in Central Asia and Southern Asia and travels to Northwest China with Huiming, showcasing instruments that are cultural gemstones yet on the brink of extinction.
  • Session artists: River Guard (bass, mandolin, piano), Daniel Diaz (double bass), Meghan Chamberlain (various percussion instruments)
  • Guest band: Some of Canada’s most well-received musicians on international stages. Jeremy Ledbetter (Keyboard); Kelly Jefferson (Saxophone); Rich Brown (Bass); Marito Marques (Drums)
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  • Day 1: May 25, 2019 7:00PM Revolution Recording , Studio A : 2104 Dundas st. West Toronto, ON M6R 1W9
  • Day 2: May 29, 2019 7:30PM Lula Lounge - 1585 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1T9
  • Day 3: May 30, 2019 7:30PM Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J3

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