A World Away Music Festival 2021

Culture has helped us out of the crisis. Now we have to help culture and support the diversity to which culture owes its strength.

- UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay.

Launching A World Away Music Festival and engaging independent musicians across different cultural roots and social backgrounds is EYA’s way of honing our creative drive into powerful weapons in the global fightback. We believe that our artists community can stand together and fight to surpass the COVID-19 impact.

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It is not only the arts sector itself that has been hit hard, people in general have also lost access to cultural events. As we all know too well, COIVD-19 has emptied stages and concert halls, a situation that has generated an urgent need to reimagine one’s live music experience.

By incorporating the iconic vintage-styled sightseeing bus, picking up and dropping off musicians to perform at various locations including on/in the bus, our team wants to recognize the restrictions of the world we live in now, and offers "a different kind of virtual adventure" for the community we serve.

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postmoderndisco is the beginning chapter of A World Away music bus journey. Their ethereal, cinematic and nostalgic music echos in the morning air of Ontario lake.

Hansom Ēli is an innovative musical duo based in Montreal, they have travelled to Toronto to join this year’s A World Away Music Festival to spread their story of a brotherhood united around a common passion, music.

Eyeda Sophia is a Toronto based MC and a poet, who joined hands with HeyBombay’s lushful melodies, sharing their love for Hip Hop, R&B and Rap music.

Anita Katakkar plays the North Indian tabla to provide us a link to her heritage using a palette of rhythm, melody and ambient textures.

Tarek Ghriri merges the guitar talents with his Arabic origins to create a unique blend of the two musical worlds.

Daniel Diaz is a Cali Colombia-Canadian jazz bassist immersed in a large variety of global musical styles.

Anita, Daniel and Tarek collaborate remotely with three instrumentalists of ancient Asian traditions and reimagine the famous chords of “The Wandering Songstress 天涯歌女”.

Sina Bathaie brings his approach to contemporary music and a unique sound of world fusion music to streets and parks in Toronto via his handpan (Hang).

Jammer’s Waffle House visits the beloved coffee place “135 Ossington” and transform its backyard into a playground for their energy and love for music.

Lastly, we are thrilled to be collaborating with 2021 A World Away Music Festival’s guest band “Wild Children”. They are often referred as the forerunner of Chinese folk music and the essence of folk music revival in China. With their music deeply rooted in the mountains of Northwest China, music of “Wild Children” is influenced and transcends people’s daily life and intimate emotions.

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September 4th, 2021, 8:30 PM

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