Olivia Brouwer

Olivia Brouwer is a Hamilton-based artist. Her work explores themes of psychological, physical, and spiritual sight. As a response to her partial blindness, Brouwer applies the concept of blindness as a way to connect to her audience. Taking inspiration from the Rorshach Inkblot Test and the Braille language, Brouwer’s reducing of information leaves the viewer to interpret abstraction according to their own perception. As such, she attempts to reveal the ways in which our culture and internal biases affect our understanding of what we see.


Inkblot No.5

Oil, charcoal, oil pastel, silkscreen prints, and thread on canvas, 2015

Emblem of immersion

Olivia Brouwer & Ethan Caflisch
Oil, gouache, linen, canvas, acetate, and thread on Dura-lar film, 36” x 60”, 2019 @ Tele Tales

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