Creative Coding Introduction Workshop

Is contemporary art being redefined by technology?

We believe both technology and art define and reshape the world we live in.

Artists who are interested in expanding their skill sets to cover creative programming, digital design and other new media, are the ones with a keen awareness of the trending integration of art and technology. An ingenious combination of both is becoming the new “language” of art in the current era. A “language” that is pushing the world to make room for a different sphere and fresh rules governed by the new aesthetics.

This workshop is to launch EYA and OF Course’s partnership and collaboration as well as an introduction of creative coding and its various applications. We will highlight a handful of incredible projects done by artists around the world.

By the end of this workshop, everyone will be able to produce a 60s coding product.

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Tristan Revells co-founded OFCourse in 2014 with Paul Cheng in Brooklyn. After spending several years in China and Taiwan, they subsequently expanded workshops to Shanghai and built an online platform for creative coding education ( In addition to working to connect creative coders in Asia and the US, Tristan is currently completing his PhD in EALAC at Columbia University, focusing on History and Digital Humanities.


Frances Chai is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and the General Assembly Full Stack Development program. Her primary interests are in electronic writing and interactive front end development. She has worked for Chicago's Arts of Life studio and The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art in Chicago. This fall she is attending the School for Poetic Computation in NYC.


Phillip McFarlane teaches Digital Design at Pratt in NYC and just came back from a summer in China teaching Unity AR/VR workshops with OFCourse. His work has been featured in advertising for Verizon, J Crew, Turner Broadcasting and others.

Sunday, September 29,2019

U of T Woodsworth College,117-119 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario

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