Create Your First Augmented Reality Experience


Under EYA's Creative Coding Club, this 2-hour workshop is suitable for absolute beginners who are interested in the new tools for augmented reality(AR) and want to understand 3R technology a little bit more.

In this workshop, we will give a brief introduction of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technology with their applications in today's world. Our instructor (Harrison Hutcheon) will guide you to build your own first AR project.

All you need is a laptop with camera. EYA Creative Coding Club aims to offer opportunities to spawn your creativity, branching your ideas to curiosity towards extended realities combining tech&art. We will hold more workshops, seminars and other events in the near future so please stay tuned and join our events to exchange your insights with one another!

Instructor Introduction:

Harrison Hutcheon


Fuelled by a lifelong love of video games and interactive experiences, Harrison Hutcheon has been developing and experimenting with different forms of interactive media. Harrison also has a passion for the education of the next generation of developers, having taught and mentored at the Lighthouse Labs Web Development Bootcamp in Toronto. He also works directly with the Lighthouse Administration to aid in the development of their curriculum.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Online Event

Event Type

Emerging Young Artists

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