Sylvia Zhang

“An important contemporary Canadian artist, Xiaojing Yan interweaves her Chinese roots with her Canadian experience, seeking an unique voice for her identity: first-generation immigrant. I am fascinated by how she explores elements like Lingzhi mushrooms, pine trees as language that both eastern and western audience can relate to.”

Where Two Rivers Meet @ Lonsdale Gallery


“Although the exhibition was very sad, the sunshine of the day was still bright. Every age has its sorrow and delight. This is our time, which provides us both opportunities and challenges.”

Age of You @ MOCA Toronto

Qingqing Yang Liu

“Drywall Artist” Nicholas Fleming convenes 24 Canadian artists to construct an unliveable apartment in the gallery space. ‘Undomesticated’ tells a story about how humans tame the dwelling environment and suggests how our furniture could become rebels.”

Undomesticated @ Artscape Youngplace

Yuluo Wei

“Florals might be read as symbolically transience of life, or conversely, an eternal spring. Nevertheless, when flowers are generally portrayed, the gaze ensues. T.M. Glass solo exhibition “The Audible Language of Flowers” at Onsite Gallery invited us to encounter large-scale flower photographs, sculptures, paintings, and collective treasures from the AGO, ROM, and Gardiner Museum, tracing us a must-visit-in-person space to imagine and re-imagine the language of flowers, and beauty.”

The Audible Language of Flowers @ OCAD Onsite Gallery

Kevin Yue

“Digital culture is embeded in our contemporary life. It is shaping our future environment and the way we perceive our presence. Future Relics raises critical questions about our future in a playful way.”

Vector Festival @ InterAccess

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