Music Flash Mob At Royal Ontario Museum

All the world’s a stage and we’ll Mise-en-scène at Canada's largest museum!

Emerging Young Artists brought in a cultural collage to one of the most famous landmarks of Ontario! A Flash Mob traveling through galleries of the Royal Ontario Museum on February 19th of 2018. A crowd of over 3000 visitors of ROM spontaneously experienced the exhibition like they never have, and celebrated the Family Day with music, art, and world culture!

EYA invites art lovers of all ages to embrace the music and history of different cultures that make our city beautiful. A wide variety of musicians selected by Emerging Young Artists to fill the space of ROM with melodies amidst precious ancient artifacts has created a truly unique memory for the Family Day of 2018!

Participating artist groups

February 19, 2018

Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park, Toronto ON M5S 2C6