Meghan Ross

Meghan Ross completed her BFA with a degree in Intermedia Arts. She works primarily in sculpture, installation and photography where the structural formalities of her work balance process, technique and aesthetics. Ross is drawn to unveiling simple moments that are often overlooked and extracting them to a space where identities and ideas can thrive.
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Tale of Two Cities

Meghan Ross & Pui Pui Ip
Two 16” x 20” Canvas Prints, two moving Roomba Vacuums 500, 1” photograph cutouts, 2019 @ Tele Tales
Two artists living in two different cities are challenging the lure of the doppelganger hunt. The intention of the project is to help Londoners and Torontonians find their doppelgangers in the opposite city through the help of Two Roomba Vacuums. 500 one-inch photo cut-outs are scattered around the gallery floor. We will watch the photographs navigate around RKG searching for its image lookalike. Will they be found or is the doppelganger hunt an endless search?

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