Emily DiCarlo

Emily DiCarlo is an interdisciplinary artist living in Tkaronto / Toronto. Her research-based practice focuses on temporality as the subject, medium, and method to articulate aspects of the human condition and reclaim time in chrono-political acts. Through a romantic conceptualist lens, her pseudo-scientific methodology employs video, installation, performance and text to create often collaborative, site-specific projects.
Personal website www.emilydicarlo.com


Same Time, Always Behind: Toronto / London

Emily DiCarlo & Elyas Alavi
15 minute, two-channel video installation, paper, 2019 @ Tele Tales.
Emily DiCarlo & Elyas Alavi’s video presents a dialogue of intimacy between the two artists from their remote geographic locations. Alavi and DiCarlo allow us to travel with the cameras through their daily routine and share the moments of their vulnerability, as the video leads to a meditation on the cosmic with focus on the sun.

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